Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well that didn't last long

Yesterday I had a total break down. While driving to work instead of school to do my study because the bad weather caused my campus to be closed I hit a brand new moon crater sized pot hole. Because there was medal sticking out from my accident when I hit the pothole my tire was sliced open. I had to call my boss to get a ride to the office and then the owner had a guy who does odd jobs for him put the donut on it and drive it up the office. I was soooo aggravated and fed up with everything that keeps fucking happening to me that I just broke down and started crying. I was so stressed out with how much money I've had to spend on this thing and then on top of that I lost 15 participants for my study and now am having to hope that they will resign up for the study on another date that I could not hold it in.

Last night i dreamt about insurance costs all night =[.

It blows for me right now, but hopefully shit is going to start turning around for me soon.

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