Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A break from the anxiety that grips my brain on a daily basis

It's been awhile. . .I've been so ridiculously stressed out with school and work and a recent car accident that I have done nothing but try and prevent a massive break down. Here's the scoop on my current life:

School - I have started conducting my study for my experiment. So far, it is going pretty well, tomorrow is the second day of me meeting with participants so hopefully all runs smoothly. In the meantime I have also been working on the paper portions of this experiment and it's coming along. We have to do each section separately which is good because she gives us feedback on what changes we should make and stuff like that. Right now, I'm currently working on the methods section. My other classes are going pretty well. I got too good grades on a midterm and a take home exam in one class and I'm really enjoying that class. My other two online classes are like busy work and pretty damn boring but I have to have them.

Work - Going great! I sat down with the owner and discussed the future. He's planning on starting a new business and has my integrated into it. Where I would be bringing in the clients and making a percentage of the profits of that company plus a salary for the current job with the security place I have. Basically, with no set promises, if I continued working with this company and doing the other company as well I would be looking at making over $30,000 a year which is really great to me! I think it's a little less than what I would be making as a police officer but with everything that is going on right now with me there's no way in hell I'd be ready for the academy like I want to be so I just have to put that on hold. He generously offered to pay for a graduation present of a trip to Vegas for me for a couple nights where he pays for the flight and the hotel. He just said whoever I bring, which he assumed correctly to be Mark, would have to pay their share of the flight which is pretty damn cheap! He's also offered to loan me some money on a new car since I got in a car accident, which I will go over next, and am in need of a new car a little sooner than what I had planned. He's also offered a 2200 sq ft house for $800 a month to mark and I. Or, since Mark and I haven't really discussed living together, he's offered a loft to me as well. So, it's going really great!

Car accident - I was driving to meet Mark and made a left turn and a woman didn't even attempt to stop and definitely had time to and hit my car on the passenger back side right where the tire is. We had to replace the strut and pull out the tire flare and junk to make sure the tire doesn't rub but all in all my Deathbot is still up and running thank God! I basically almost had a panic attack that whole weekend because I thought for sure my car was done and I had no money to buy a new one. Mark and Shane offered to buy me a car and I would just pay them back but luckily I didn't have to do that. I was also extremely scared because after talking to my insurance adjuster I thought that for sure I was going to sued for being under insured and my insurance not covering all the injury costs but my dad spoke to a friend of his who is an adjuster and he said he would keep an eye on the claim but he doesn't think the injury costs will even come close to going over so that's a lot of relief! My main focus now is saving up a lot of money so that I can afford to buy my ass a new car in like two months when I graduate!

Everything else is going okay. I am far too stressed out about making sure I pass all my classes this semester and ensuring that I graduate on time to be worried about too much other shit. The fact that Shane is offering me a pretty good deal takes a giant load off my chest because I'm leaning towards staying with him for however long I need to in order to be prepared for what I want to do and I won't have to worry about trying to find a job, a place to live, and all that other shit that comes after you graduate. Lol. I like convenient easy shit that I can know with a little more certainty right now that I'm not going to regret in the long run.

btw, yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy for new health care bill! [=

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