Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sex on the dance floor

Mark and I went out downtown last night with two friends, Natasha and Rachel. We had a good time for the most part. We went to this place called Swanky's that sells slushies with Everclear Vodka. They were really good, however from my old alcoholic days I remember how strong Everclear is and I did not taste that shit at all in my slushy so I'm fairly certain mine just had regular vodka. We then went over to LoDo's which is a club/bar neither one of us really like but we sucked it up because I really wanted to go out and dance.

This is us dancing to some random song. We basically had sex on the dance floor and it was fantastic. I love how into each other we look. Well, I love how into my titties he is [= hahahahah. I label this picture sex on the dance floor, titties, cleavage, love, and finally EST. October 2008.

I love this man. Everyday he makes me incredibly happy to be apart of my life. He is such a wonderful addition and a perfect fit. [=

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