Monday, February 8, 2010

Crunch time

Next Tuesday my Designs Methods is due for my experiment. It has a lot to it and it basically finalizes all my ideas for conducting my research. I mean finalize like I can't go back and change anything unless I have a legitimate reason to do so and it has to be approved by my teacher. This week I will be spending a lot of time working on that and then next week I will be working on a take home essay test for my history of psychology class. I've really gotten into the reading for this class because it addresses, history, philosophy, history of philosophy, and psychology all my favorites [=. If I didn't make it in the psychology world I would definitely go for history or religion. I'm not overly religious at all, I can't even honestly say what my beliefs are for sure however I find it all incredibly interesting and I absolutely love how it's so tied in to so much of what happened in the world.

Today has been an incredibly long day. I had to open the office at 7am and I had A LOT of work to do. It was non-stop the whole day. I'm going to rest. Hope you're days went well.

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