Thursday, February 11, 2010

Research update

I got a perfect score on my Sampling Plan assignment which covered where I was going to get my sampling pool, who is was going to be and the informed consent and debriefing forms. I had to make a slight change but everything seems to be well on track with this experiment. I am still pretty stressed out about it because I have to finish one more assignment due Tuesday that will determine whether or not I will be given permission to go through with the whole thing. This experiment requires a timeline from me and I'm experiencing a lot of commitment phobia with it. I don't want to say that I will have something done by a certain date and then not be able to follow through with it. It scares me. There's a lot to this assignment and I've been working on it a lot but I'm still not done. I've been really busy at work too so it hasn't really been helping that I'm stressed out there and then come home to be stressed out about school work. =[

Speaking of homework, I'm going to get back on it.

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