Monday, February 1, 2010

Calling all tech geeks!

I need to figure out what the fuck I'm going to get my boyfriend for valentine's day. I got him mixing bowls already and a lingerie outfit but other than that I don't know what the fuck to get him. He is a big tech geek so any recommendations would be awesome. He already has an iphone though just so ya know.

My research ideas that I proposed didn't really get approved so now my research questions look at risky behavior and decision making in gambling when the person knows the statistics of gambling. Hopefully, this will work out alright. I'm just about to finish typing up the justifications for my research idea and turn that in and then I have to get started on the sampling plans and the consent and debriefing forms.

Nothing really exciting is really going on right now. I've realized how out of touch I am with the world and the news lately. I just saw that one Tila Tequila is pregnant, two her fiance died, and three the babies daddy is The Game? I'm out of touch with the unimportant gossip news really. That shit gets boring so fast to me though because I don't understand how people can get so wrapped up in that shit. Tila Tequila's lame has been desperately trying to crawl her ugly ass back into the light for sometime now. . .she's just desperate for attention and to be something again even though she was never anything. What the fuck else is going on in the world? I'm out of touch with the real news too. I haven't been looking at the bbc because of how wrapped up in work and school I've become and when I'm not wrapped up in that shit I'm on tumblr trying to release my stress on there. Apparently a jet landed on the New Jersey turn pike today? WTF happened?

I miss my bestfriend Janet who lives in Mississippi now. That bitch moved there before I even graduated high school and now she has my god son and I still haven't met him =[. It makes me super sad when I talk to her and she's always talking about making plans to come back to Colorado but then whenever she does she says she's about to buy herself a ticket and something else comes up. she invited me to Florida with her for Spring Break but my Spring Break is the week after hers =/. Maybe I'll make a trip down south somewhere and stop through there to see her, see my god son, and meet her man. I wish I had money like it was nothing so it would be easy to make a spring break trip somewhere but I doubt that will happen =[. I need to be saving money for when my happy ass gets of school so I can get an apartment and a car, shit. Can't be doing all this traveling and shit.

Mark and I started are "eating better" diet. It's going great so far. The other day when I weighed myself I had lost like three pounds so that's awesome! I uhm had a massive hang over all day yesterday so I wonder how much I weight today cuz i feel extra skinny hahah! I'm going to get on this homework. buh bye.


  1. ANYTHING!!! Video games (but everything that is coming out he has already bought basically) computer games (which I know nothing about what kind he likes or what are good ones), stuff for his phone, really just anything.

  2. eBooks are good or Mass Effect 2 for Xbox360, Bio Shock for Xbox360/PS3, a portable keg or the most awesome i can think of a hand held Breathalyzer. Go to The Sharper Edge(real store or online)

  3. Thanks for the game suggestions but he's already put money towards both of them lol! I'm thinking about getting him an eBook for his birthday cuz that's a lot more expensive. Handheld breathalyzer sounds wicked awesome! Man you have great suggestions!!! Thanks! I'm definitely getting him a mac decal sticker of iron man. And I'm going to take a look at the breathalyzer.