Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top Things To Do in Colorado

1.  Learn to Snowboard/Ski

2. Go white water rafting

3. Visit Pikes Peak

4. Visit Estes Park 

5. Visit the Royal Gorge

6. Go to the Hot Springs

7.  Go Camping 

8. Go to a concert at Red Rocks 

9. Go hiking - but don’t die…lol 

10. Go to Garden of the Gods

11. Live in Boulder to get the full experience of the people lol

12. Go snowmobiling to the Continental Divide

13. Go to the Taste of Colorado 

14. Go to the Vail Wine Testing Festival

15. Participate in any 5280 Restaurant deals where you can eat at different really nice restaurants around Colorado for two people it’s $52.80

15. Go to Oktober Fest 

16. Take the New Belgium/Budwesier Tour 

17. Go to the New Belgium Parade 

18. Get peaches from Grand Junction 

19. Take the train from Union Station to Winter Park 

20. Visit the Air Force Academy

Mark and I have a list of stuff that we want to do together this summer. Some of this stuff is included. Mark also wants to go skydiving. We'll see what we do actually do lol cuz I would love to do this stuff but there's not enough time hahaha! 

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