Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hitched or Ditched

I hope and pray that I can get over this commitment phobia bullshit and be happy to marry. . .I mean there's now a show on tv where they are forcing people to either marry each other or break it off completely. First of all, WHO THE FUCK AGREES TO THESE SHOWS?!?!?! Second of all, who are these people to tell them that they can't be together if they don't get married?! There's lots of people who are just common law and they do GREAT! Not to mention they don't have to pay a ton of money if they have to decide to get divorced [= lol that's definitely an upside. I'm sure I'll be fine. . .my main concern about commitments to people is based off of whether or not I'm ready in my life career wise, money wise, etc. Not that I'm scared to be with someone really. I just want to make sure that all of my stuff is together before I say that I can be a person's other half. I want to be able to commit myself fully because it would be unfair to not do otherwise. Hopefully with Mark, I've done well to meet his wants and needs or at least well on my way.

Anyways, the topic of this bulletin is really about this fuckin' ridiculous ass show! I can't believe that people would actually agree to participate in something where they are forced into marriage whether they are ready or not or forced to break up with each other. This one girl on now has an INTENSE fear of marriage because of her mother's experiences with marriage. In a way she is kind of pathetic because she has failed to realize that every guy is not the same. . .not every guy is going to leave you if they marry you. She's had like three or something serious relationships and has actually backed out on all of them because of her intense fear. I understand where she is coming from but COME ON BE SERIOUS! sheesssh. Anyways Hitched or Ditched = another RETARDED ASS REALITY TV SHOW. 

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