Sunday, June 7, 2009


Feel free to answer these.

1. Identify and define the biggest problem we have in this country

2. Identify at least three people that you dislike. Why?

3. How can you go about blaming these people for that problem from number 1

4. Among your acquaintances, who could you accuse [and feel good about it] of. 

a. drugs [doing or selling]

b. shoplifting

c. illicit sex

d. using their freedom of speech to limit your freedom of speech 

5. Criticize Patriotism 

6. Why are patriots bad for society? Or are they? Can torture ever be a part of patriotism? Has it ever been?

7. Please list at least three of your "freedoms" [from the Bill of Rights] that are being slowly or fastly destroyed or trod upon

8. Trace your steps for the last forty-eight hours. How many surveillance cameras do you recall? Location? Do you care? Did you smile?

9. Name the last DVD or newscast or documentary of a political protest that you watched?

10. If you plead innocent to inciting a riot and the jury doesn't agree what is your next step? Do you have a fall back plan? Do you know the number of a bail bondsman? The ACLU

11. How best can you depict through art U.S. greed?

12. Explain why Americans prefer visuals of all kinds of violence and nudity when we purport to be a religious nation

13. Name a "ho-hum" political cause for which you can get passionate about

14. How come babies use noise to get attention without having to articulate their needs or problems and you can't? Piss you off?

15. How will you through noise protest or civil disobedience get society to pay attention to your needs and problems

16. Among all the protesters, cotrarians, naysayers, and disgruntled, identify those who are least effective. Why? Do you care?

17. Identify people who are politically similar to you and list your disagreemtns with them

18. Can you find a nit picky reason to dislike Obama? McCain? Bush? Ritter? Hickenlooper? God?

19. List ten things one should do in your state before dying. How far along are you doing in those things 

20. Identify the people who are paid to lie to you 

21. Identify the people who aren't paid to lie to you

22. What/Who empowers you? Do you ever wish they wouldn't?

23. What is it you thought you couldn't do but you did it? Are you sorry that you did it now?

24. Just how stupid are Americans on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the stupidest. 

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