Friday, June 5, 2009

Mexico's affect.

I have decided that I really really love sailing and kayaking. 
Mark signed a lease to move into new apartments that allow both on the lake that they have and I'm so fucking excited because I have plans on coercing him into going with me. Kayaking is such a great way to work out your arms and I really need to do that. 
I am also dying to jet ski and water ski. Things that will be a little nerve racking but fun. I am also determined to go camping and white water rafting. These are all things that are readily available for me to do in Colorado and I am PUMPED about it. It's sad that I'm born and raised in Colorado and just last year was the first time I had ever been snowboarding. I never really appreciate Colorado's value because I never did anything outdoorsy. Now that I am more active I definitely appreciate it and love it [= 

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