Friday, April 2, 2010

Second Session of the Study

It's going fantastic! We have been having problems with our sign up system but everything has gone pretty smoothly for me. I think only one or two of my participants haven't shown up. After today I should have around 20 or so participants which is awesome! Only forty more to go. I have one whole day where only one participant has signed up so far but once the date gets closer I'm sure more will sign up. I have another session next week with a lot of people signed up so hopefully nothing bad happens and all runs smoothly again and everyone shows up. If I keep this rate up then I won't have to worry about taking another day off of work or having to freak out about not having enough participants.

I'm not feeling well today though. Last night while showering I nearly passed out. I felt like I was going to black out, I was really weak and shaky, I felt really sick to my stomach and dizzy, and I was so white I was practically see through. Today, I've had a pounding headache that started throughout my whole head and has no settled in just the left side of my head. I'm a little concerned because this has never happened but I'm sure it's nothing.

Have a good day! I need a fucking vacation.

1 comment:

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