Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Car update

So the car is still not mine yet. I guess tomorrow the title comes into the local bank and we can go pick it up then. I'm going to test drive the car tonight again. I'm having second thoughts because there was a jerky feeling we got when my parents test drove it it while we turned around and only accelerated very little. That is definitely not something that I would put up with and is absolutely a deal breaker. Not to be a bitch but I dealt with it in my parents car and I'm not going to suffer with it in my car!

I have to stop by the DMV office tomorrow morning and make sure that the car will not have to have a current emission because he registered the car last night and said the car was emission exempt for the last next two years so I have to confirm that. I want all the paperwork ready to go.

Patrick fucking stinks today. What really sucks is just yesterday our owner came in and dropped off airfreshners and I said oh all three are going in Patrick's room but GOD I seriously should have done it because I can smell him out here and I have TWO of the airfreshners near me. EW!

Yesterday went by so fast and it was awesome. I hope the rest of the week maintains the speed.


  1. Well its been a while. I just have to say, follow your first instincts. Whenever you get that feeling again then trust it.

    Now I dont know how you survive stinky Pat? lol But this could not be that bad. Did you not hear the story of the true stinky man. You should talk to Captkeyes. I hear it and I still cant believe it.

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