Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Car!!!

I will soon be purchasing a 2003 Mazda 6s. It has a v6 engine, leather heated seats, a 6 cd changer, sunroof, heated mirrors, ETC ETC ETC. It's so nice. It only has around 57k miles too. I'm really really excited and already dying for it to be in my possession so I could be driving it around on this amazingly 75-80 degree weather we are having today however we are waiting on the title and everything else to come through. I think by Wednesday I will have the car. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have it registered and insured and everything good to go! It's a gun metal gray.

It's definitely going to be a much appreciated and VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF upgrade from my deathbot, however I will definitely miss her. I get attached to things that I am very dependent on in my life, don't even lie you do it too. I'm really hoping that everything turns out as great as I think it's going to. My dad is upset at me cuz he thinks I spent too much then what he thought the car was worth, however I paid the high end value for what the insurance company would give me if the car was totaled on the day that I got it. I think the car is in such pristine condition that I'm not upset that I spent a little more than what I would have liked to. If something goes wrong, which I'm really praying that it won't, then I will definitely eat my words.

So congratulations to me!!! [=


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